Tuesday, January 21, 2003

So the last time I was in New York City I was sitting around my friend’s apartment, after walking the length of Central Park, waiting for her to get home and just futzin' around on her computer. I googled "Blur"+"mp3s" in hopes of uncovering some advance demos or something along those lines but instead I came up with this awesome Canadian band Blurtonia. Now I famously have a big chip on my shoulder towards Canadians for the usual silly reasons most of us self-centered United States of Americans do, but I've been thawing out. For one, they gave us Sloan -- for which I am quite grateful -- and secondly my little brother ended up actually marrying a Canadian so they can't be all bad.

Come to think of it, Canadians came off rather well in Bowling For Columbine too.

Anyway, I'm getting off the point...I came across this totally rocking MP3 for this band Blurtonia and fell in love. What's even better is that I decided to buy the album from their label and it only cost me eight bucks including shipping! You've gotta love the exchange rate some days. So the album gets to me in the mail and the whole thing just totally blows me away in that Seventies "we-can-roc-out-with-our-cocks-out-but-we-ain't-afraid-to-write-a-melody" sort of way. Anyway, the song is below and if you dig it, pass it around and tell your friends to buy it here.

Blurtonia is "Foxy By Proxy"

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