Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Streets of frickin' Fire

When I was a little kid I loved Streets of Fire. It helped me fall in love with rock and/or roll. I dreamed the world was like the one depicted in the film with rockers playing shows and battling bad-boy biker gangs. Plus, it has Bill Paxton in it and who doesn’t love Bill Paxton?

Well the flick finally came out on DVD and it finally showed up in the mail yesterday from an order I placed before Christmas. I threw it in while I was DJing and got a great response since it seems everyone my age saw the movie as a kid and fell in love with it too. Plus Diane Lane is just too hot for words in this film. She so made my little twelve year old heart go a-pitter pat at the time.

Now I’m just waiting for the DVD issue of Rock And Rule next summer. I have one of the original VHS rental tapes of this lost classic but it’s getting pretty worn.

More trivia than you can shake a stick at (although we here at Tankboy Enterprises do not condone the shaking of any sticks for fear you’ll put an eye out kid.)

The Chicago Tribune ran a little blurb announcing the on-line posting of the city’s official facts and figures but I left the site address in my other pair of pants.

To tide y’all over until the retrieval of that information, check out this little site devoted to Chicago history and trivia.

Full disclosure.

Y’know, when I’m DJing and there’s all kinds of cute girls around, and all my friends are totally getting hit on, and I need to be brusque with any girl trying to make time with me so she doesn’t get the wrong idea, and then everyone goes out until all hours to flirt and laugh and laugh the night away while I drag my weary ass home it can kind of suck to not be single.

But then when my weary ass gets home and I have the warm bodies of a girlfriend I love and a beagle I adore waiting for me I remember that being single wasn’t always that great and, considering how my life is now, I’ve got it pretty good.

Work humor.

The other day I told my boss I was going home and she asked why I was rushing.

“I’ve got to get back in the city to get to the gym and work out.” I said.

“Wash your mouth out!” she exclaimed. “Why do you say such horrible things.”

“Oh, I’m only working out for the aerobic exercise. I figure if my heart beats better and my lungs breath more fully I can smoke even more than I do now!”

She pondered that for a sec and said, “Okay, I can buy that. Go ahead and work out.”

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