Friday, October 22, 2004

The nightly recap.

Whereas Wednesday’s show had to hurtle obstacle after obstacle in order to succeed, tonight’s show couldn’t have been more successful. (Okay, on the money front, I think half the folks in the room were either on the guest list or got in without paying…but considering the energy they gave back to the bands I’m willing to overlook that.)

The Melismatics started out by raising the bar to the ceiling with an unbelievably explosive set. Skid and The Ladies & Gentlemen took that challenge and stepped up their game. Woolworthy were rock and/or roll savages and I’m pretty sure there was a moment or two, with just a tad more effort, Doyle (Woolworthy's drummer) could have actually burst into flames.

And then Light FM just completely killed swinging left and right and looser than I’ve ever seen them. It was really great.

And I stayed sober…not a drop of alcohol, again. Danny Doom suggested I start warning people or wearing some sort of identifying sign that I wasn’t drinking so drunk folks would know not to trust me since I'll remember everything they said the next morning. Har de har Danny.

Man was tonight…I don’t even know what superlative to assign to the evening at this point. I wish every Tankboy show was like this. There was just a sense of family and togetherness and joy that I rarely encounter at shows anymore.



…I’m staying in, watching a movie and decompressing after three fun, and clearly remembered, evenings.

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