Monday, July 10, 2006

Dance, dance and bang your head.

It was a good weekend. Saturday was a little wild since I had some friends in from out of town and I perhaps drank a wee bit too much considering I forgot to eat all day. However fun was had, yucks were enjoyed, and no one got hurt/arrested. I did decide to institute a new rule and that is: Always go home when the girlfriend does. I realized that while I had a good time all night long, the highlights of the evening included her and once she went home the night sort of lost a bit of its sheen.

Sunday was spent on the couch, with the girlfriend, watching a marathon of Freaks And Geeks. Today I will attempt to reintegrate with the world at large. To help with this transistion I think Monday's power-up tune will have to come off the forthcoming MSTRKRFT debut. As a whole the album is so-so. It's basically dance music in the DFA 1979 vein (duh) and it's not far removed from the whole LCD Soundsystem, um, sound, although it is a bit more muscular and brutish. Simple but effective, I suppose. Anyway, I am really digging the track "She's Good For Business" and I think it's primarily because the girl's vocals are just so scrumptuous. She only sings a few words but each syllable counts and elicits the desired effect of causing the listener to salivate over the hopes of a mere glimpse of her wiggling hips. Listen and I think you'll see whatI mean.

MSTRKRFT "She's Good For Business"

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