Thursday, July 27, 2006

Problem solved!

Well, we all know just how nuts -- and by nuts I mean actually annoyed and not "hot and bothered" -- it makes me when low-rise jeans clash with high-rise thongs? Well, I would like to thank this young lady for finding the solution to that vexing social trend.

Image via Matt


Roll call!

Okay, so who's doing the Pitchfork Music Festival thing this weekend? I previewed most of day one's acts here. Day two's briefing is now up here. Also, for any out-of-towners, Chicagoist has an updated version of our Act Like You've Been Here: A Chicagoist Guide To Chicago. You can download your very own copy here. I supplied the music venue descriptions as well as the Wicker Park and Logan Square neighborhood write-ups. Take a gander and enjoy Chicago without looking like a tourist!

So are you going to the festival? Are you going to buy me a beer? Yes...yes you are, so look for me!

Chicagomonkey had a good point in the comments, so let me make it easier for folks to find me. You've seen photos of me so you know I'll be the tall blonde wavy-haired dude...and it'll be pretty easy to locate me since I'll probably be one of those media-types standing in-between the barricade and the stage during the bands' sets. Usually I would say look for the tall drunk wavy-haired dude, but considering Saturday and Sunday's projected heat-index, I suspect I'll be drinking far more water than beer.

Stay cool,. stay safe and, if you get a chance, say hi!

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