Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Spirit gets a movie!

Holy moley!

More than four decades after Will Eisner created him, "The Spirit" -- one of the most influential comics of all time -- is coming to the big screen.

The movie will be adapted and directed by Frank Miller ("Sin City"), who will be on hand for the public announcement Saturday at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The Spirit is my favorite comic ever. I really wish I had a rip of my vinyl copy of "Ev'ry Little Bug" to share with you to celebrate this news, but I don't. Maybe I'll just invite you all over to watch my super-faded VHS copy of The Spirit movie I taped off the TV in the '80s. Actually, does anyone out there have a decent quality version of that? Mine is super-fragile (in worse shape than my orginal Rock And Rule, even) and it's all I have to hold me over until the new movie comes out!


Credz to my L'il Bro for cluing me in to this terrific news.

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