Monday, June 25, 2007

Misshapes ...

Misshapes ...

I'm listening to a mix the Misshapes kids did in Chicago late last year, and, um, yeah, interesting.

Let's just say their segues are clumsier than mine, even when I'm blind drunk. But that doesn't really matter, because they pick fun tunes that are right in line with what I would play to get a diverse group of people onto the dancefloor.* I'm just surprised so many taste-makers are enthralled with their DJ style. I mean, if what they do is lauded by international attention then I should have my own private Learjet by now!

Oh well, I'm not going to go over all this again, but considering I've been working the "everything AND the kitchen sink" approach for over 17-years, I expect to get a couple guest DJ gigs next time I'm in NYC!

*Although, that said, I think it's important to note (and pretty ironic) that the stuff they play is more in line with what I would play at Liar's Club on a Friday. My tastes are decidedly more "edgy" when I have more control over my sets and the crows is as open-minded as I suspect the kids at the Misshapes Chicago event were.

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