Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chicago Music Commission: Tankboy on tape!

Chicago Music Commission: Tankboy on tape!

A while ago I spoke on a panel for one of the Chicago Music Commission's Musicians At Work forums. It was notable because a) I think I actually had one latecomer believing I was Greg Kot and b) it was Jay Prasad's last public appearance before his company went down for alleged embezzlement and tax fraud.* It was also where I met Erin from Hidden Mitten. And Jinja from Utah Carol. And a bunch of other cool folks. And I think I actually made a couple reasonable points that have been proven true with the progression of time. Come to think of it, that was a pretty good night.

Anyway, I just noticed that they have finally archived the recording of the panel, so it you have any interest in hearing it, you can snag 'em. In case you're not familiar with my voice, I'm the speaker after Doug LeFrak that opens with "Thanks for stealing all my good lines, Doug." Try not to laugh too much at how idiotic I sound.

MP3: Marketing Music - Part I - DIY Reach the Public Part I
MP3: Marketing Music - Part I - DIY Reach the Public Part II

The Chicago Music Commission has a monster panel coming up on January 24 with a veritable who's-who in Chicago music coming together to discuss the impact of the economic impact study Chicago: Music City, conducted by the Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago. It should be an interesting evening ... check out the full list of panelists. Whoa!

*Ironically, one of the companies he owned was UR Chicago, a magazine I now regularly freelance for. Heh.

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