Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dirtbags, (Rudy) Tuesdays, and Me.

Dirtbags, Tuesdays, and Me.

Man do I have a lot of packing to do today. Luckily a bunch of my stuff is still in boxes in the basement, but the pain in the ass part is packing all these CDs and books. I have a feeling that once I'm in the new apartment and evaluate what space I have left, I might be jettisoning a bunch of these CDs. Should I sell 'em? Donate 'em? Give 'em away to friends? Probably all of the above. I'm doing well on the whole purging of extraneous things. For instance I donated about 10 trashbags full of clothes that I've been holding onto for years -- some since high school! -- and was never able to part with due to sentimental reasons in the past. I'm finding I get less attached to material things as I get older. I assume that's a good sign.

So since I'm buckling down and working on packing all day, I'm gonna need to blow off a little steam tonight. (Well, not TOO much steam, I need to be in good shape to move tomorrow!) It's another Bomb Squad Thursday at Liar's Club and I'll be joined by regular guest DJs Rudy Tuesday and Dirtbag (Josh from La Scala). Come on by and blow off some steam of your own.

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