Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funny how things circle around.

Funny how things circle around.

I got an apartment yesterday in Humboldt Park, the same Chicago neighborhood I moved out of when Photogal moved in with me. Funny how that works. It's right off North Avenue, and way closer to stuff than my old Humboldt apartment was. A friend clued me into the place so hopefully he won't be sorry to have me as a neighbor!

So it's exciting. But it's also actually really depressing.

While Photogal and I broke up in November, this feels like the actual final blow. The whole moving out thing is a lot more real, and a lot scarier, now that, well, I'm actually doing it.

So now, I'm locked into moving out. So it's sad and exciting. And it seems like all the forces of the universe are doing whatever they can to make the transition easier. I get the key later today and can start moving my stuff in whenever I want. Which is actually really cool of my new landlord, since moving can be such a hassle when you have to do it all at once. And my friends are certainly making it easier with offers of help and (very appreciated) offers of spare furniture. Actually, though this all, my friends -- both old and new -- have been unbelievably awesome.

Though the one that's been most awesome, and I have to give credit where it's due, has been Photogal. She's gone way above and beyond what could possibly be expected from an ex-girlfriend to do what she can to help out. She's been incredible and I love her for that.

And now, back to Humboldt Park.

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