Thursday, January 24, 2008

My five minutes.

My five minutes.

This week's Time Out Chicago is all about web writers and critics, and I'm mentioned on the cover, quoted in the lead story, and profiled later on. When I first agreed to do an interview with them I seriously thought it was going to be a web-only piece. When they called me in for a photo shoot I was a little confused and began to suspect that perhaps the interview would be appearing in print. And then Monday I got the cover text from a friend who works there along with his fearful commentary, "My god...what this will do to your ego... We've created a monster..."

No, no monster here. Of course I'm flattered by the attention, and it would be foolish to deny that. And, of course, I have one eensy-teensy quibble; the quote they use from my Daft Punk piece is incorrect (they wrote "adulterated" when it should have been "unadulterated") but you're alway going to find something, right?

Anyway, hop on over, check it out, and allow me to enjoy my five minutes of fame.

So, would it be tacky if I carried the magazine around and whipped it out around cute girls in order to impress them? Think that'd work?

Also, look for Chuck and Margaret from Chicagoist, since they make appearances in the magazine as well.

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