Thursday, January 03, 2008

Resolutions and (finally) the big reveal.

Resolutions and (finally) the big reveal.

I mentioned the other day that I didn't really think I needed any resolutions. I didn't mean it sound like I didn't believe there was any room for self-improvement in my life, because there certainly is, but i don't really like the idea that you only start down those particular paths beginning with a certain date. Also, resolutions seem to set lots of folks up for failure. In my mind, you're either going to do something or you're not, and you don't need January 1 to make the distinction for you. For example, I decided it was time to lose weight around my birthday of last year, but i didn't say, "I WILL start watching what I eat after June 30!" No, instead I merely decided it was time to lose some wight, and I just did it.

So what does the new year bring? I don't know. I do know I feel like I'm in a good place now. I'm writing for a living, so no complaints there. I'm healthier than I have been in years, so that's good. I'm DJing a lot and my band is doing well so that keeps my in good spirits. In fact, I'm a pretty all-around happy guy right now, which is especially odd since I'm in the midst of breaking up with my best friend.

Now this isn't news to any that read this site closely, and it's certainly not news to close friends of mine, but yes, it's true, Photogal and I have decided to see what it's like to no longer live together and date. It's a 100% amicable break, and it actually occurred back in November, but we were sort of keeping it under our hats because, well, it wasn't really anyone else's business. Also, we had lots of family get-togethers and didn't feel like explaining to folks why we were still attending them together. In fact the only reason I'm going public with this now is because Photogal slipped up and let her sister know we were parting, and here sister reads this site, so there you have it. (Also, side note to my mother, no freaking out, please. It's all fine, I promise.)

We are still living together, although I am looking for a place I can move into February 1, so if you know of any affordable dog and cat friendly 1 or 2 bedroom apartments in the Logan Square / Wicker Park area, please email me and let me know!

Now I can't stress the following point enough: Photogal is still my closest and best friend and I still love her (and believe she loves me) deeply, but we both agree that this is the right move for now.

And I think that's all I'm really going to say about that.

So, resolutions? I have none. What I do have is a great amount of optimism and a pretty firm belief that the coming 12 months will be completely different from the previous 12, and all of those differences will be good ones.

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