Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thank goodness for my awesome friends.

Thank goodness for my awesome friends.

Everyone has been such a huge help with the move, offering me all sorts of stuff. The weird thing is I don't know exactly what I'll need (or have room for) until Friday! I do know I need a bed, so if anyone has any guidance in that area (Um, where does one BUY beds? I've never done this before. Sad, huh?) it would be greatly appreciated.

I actually started packing last night and am bringing over a load tonight. It's a tad overwhelming. And I just realized I have to put all the utilities in my name, which brings up the question: cable or phone? Due to my Chicagost stuff I CAN'T be offline for too long so I'm hoping for a relatively seamless Wi-Fi transition.

Man, moving sucks. Ah well, at least my new place gets LOTS of sunshine through its windows.

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