Thursday, February 14, 2008

America's #1 Holiday Band.

America's #1 Holiday Band.

Happy Valentines Day, lovers. Who else feels a little sick today? And I don't mean just being nauseated by yet another commodified holiday meant to stress out the majority of the population for either having or not having a sweetie to spend the day with? No, I mean getting a cold, or, God forbid, that flu that is making the rounds again.

Yes, I'm feeling a bit under the weather but, as they say, the show must go on. America's #1 Sweetheart is playing a FREE show at Liar's Club tonight with Muchacha. I have a long history with Muchacha, and I think they might have even been the first local band I reviewed for the UIC paper when I started working there way back when. As if that wasn't enough we'll also have two floors of Bomb Squad DJs as we tap into the impressive talents of June Cleavage, Amber Waves, Rudy Tuesday, and Miss J.

And remember, Valentine's Day ain't for couples, it's for lovers; and you don't need to have a significant other in order to be a lover, baby.

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