Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beagle update!

Beagle update!

Man, if I'd known posts about Betty would be so popular i would have made this a dog-blog years ago! O.K., maybe not, but I'm pleased to see that the line in my bio that reads that I live with "a beagle named Betty who may actually be slightly more famous than most musicians out there."

Anyway, doggie daycare is going really well. They have a webcam in the room the pups play in, and even though it won't work on my computer -- I'm guessing it's not compatible with my company's firewall or something -- Photogal has been sending me screenshots whenever Betty is on camera. The first day she hung out in a corner and only moved around when a person came in the room, but yesterday she was actually moving around a bit and sniffing some butts, so I think she's adjusting!

If I'm going out I still give her a doggie tranquilizer to keep her calm and my neighbors sane, but I'm hopeful that won't have to continue since she seems pretty tuckered when I bring her home each night.

It's expensive, so I've got to figure out how to stretch my budget a bit, but it is so worth it to keep Betty from stressing herself out.

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