Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Go, Uno, go!

Go, Uno, go!

Uno the beagle, best of the "Hounds" group at the Westminster Dog Show, has the chance to be the first beagle EVER to win "Best of Show!"

He's also the first beagle to win the "Hound" group since 1939.

And how does an award winning beagle act? Surprisingly (or, unsurprisingly) in an unshowdoglike manner. That is to say, they're adorable little terrors.

Uno barked at his handler, bayed at the crowd, tried to grab his leash and took a flying leap at a piece of filet mignon. Oh, and he gnawed away at a newly printed sign...

While Uno aimed at best in show, the precocious package of personality certainly deserved one title: noisiest in show.

“Ah-rooo!” his howls echoed all over the arena. It didn’t take much to get Uno going, either. A click of a spectator’s pen, a wave of the judge’s hand, any effort by Wilkerson to hush him. "Ah-rooo!" [msnbc]

Hmmmm ... sounds like another beagle I know. Maybe Betty was a show dog and I just never knew it?

Good luck Uno!

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