Friday, February 08, 2008

I am the DJ and I bring the jams.

I am the DJ and I bring the jams.

Tonight? Chicagoist staff dinner. Sorry, you can't come. But do meet me at Darkroom afterward for Airiel!

Tomorrow? Options, options, option. I -- with lots of help from Rudy -- put together a show at Subterranean Saturday night. Hot As Hell, The Midnight Shows, and Butterfly Assassins will be playin. It' 18 and over. Also SND ON SND is at The Note for their EP release. Go pinch Lizz's butt and say "Fagballs" five time for me. Pinch her drummer's butt too. Heck, pinch all their butts.

What else? I'm missing something? What else is going on. Oh yeah! This!

Thanks to tink for letting me steal her butt. Hell, pinch that too.

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