Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A return to music writing with a sampling of a Pringle (not the chip).

A return to music writing with a sampling of a Pringle (not the chip).

A friend of mine recently turned me onto George Pringle, an English singer-songwriter who specializes in bedroom computer beats over which she layers sing-song stories that pay such close attention to detail you can taste the charachters. Her stuff seems to only be available via RCRD LBL, and via MySpace stream, but if she can keep up the high standard the handful of songs she's put out there, then I greatly look forward to her debut. But honestly, if all she ever manages is an EP, I'm pleased with that too. I'd rather she has a couple great songs instead a mediocre catalog.

My current favorite is "Carte Postale." The sound, delivery, and story are cinematic and, to me, it sounds like the sonic equivalent of the movie adaptation of Bet Easton Ellis' The Rules Of Attraction. There's something heartbreakingly desolate about it that make you want to sit next to Pringle and reassure her that the vindication she discovers at the end of her narrative isn't just borne of the need to escape the love that pains her, but is in fact an internal victory that she should keep hold of.

You can download "Carte Postale" and hear for yourself.

If that whets you whistle you can download more George Pringle music, and stream other songs on her MySpace.

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