Monday, February 11, 2008

Well, it is a wee bit chilly.

Well, it is a wee bit chilly.

The coldest room in my apartment in my bedroom. Go figure. I discovered my window had a few drafts, but I've covered those up so I've noticed a big improvement since then. Also it doesn't hurt that my own personal beagle-shaped space heater moved in.

I realized the biggest adjustment I'm going to have to make regards that little beagle. Everywhere I've ever lived with her was outfitted with a fenced in backyard so I could just open the door and let her out without any forethought. Now I live somewhere without one, necessitating the need to leash her up, throw on a few layers of clothes myself, walk down three flights of stairs, and accompany her around the block a few times. Whew!

O.K., I guess all that is actually a small price to pay, huh?

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