Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The press loves Obama ... for now.

The press loves Obama ... for now.

The press has pretty much been giving Obama a free pass for this entire campaign, and that's really unusual. I heard it opined this weekend that the reason is because a) Obama is on the generational shift that appeals to the press corps and b) his story is still unfolding so they're not digging as deeply or looking for as much unflattering info as they would with a more familiar candidate. However the love affair will not last, and there's a good chance that the press will turn on him once he snags the nomination.

This worries me primarily because Obama isn't really chummy with the press, and his free pass right now really does have everything to do with his charisma. And when someone really starts poking at him, and this Rezko thing certainly looks like it might be one of his first weak spots, he doesn't really do a good job of giving good answers.

I keep saying this, and I really mean it. I want an agent for change. I want the rules to be broken in Washington. We need fresh answers and candidates who will actually make a difference once in office. I want all of this stuff so I can understand why so many folks have gone gonzo for Obama. Four years ago I probably would have done the same. But, the more I read about the man, the less convinced I am that he's the real deal.

Let me out it this way: with Hillary Clinton everyone knows what we're getting into and what to expect (and personally, policy-wise, she is in line with many of my own views so I'm fine with those expectations), and with Obama we get lots of inspiration and similar policy stances, but I remain unconvinced of how the man will react when under real pressure. I suspect the press will help me make some measured conclusions based on how he deals with them in the next few months, but at this moment in time he seems unable to skillfully talk his way out of direct inquiries about his past and other business dealings.

Through all of this, dear reader, I hope you realize I'm just kind of thinking out loud. I'm not trying to sway anyone's vote at this point, I'm merely voicing my own concerns.

Much like most other people, I too really like Obama. But unlike most other people I know, I just don't really trust him yet.

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