Friday, March 07, 2008

Super Keep to the rescue!

Super Keep to the rescue!

So last night Lisa had to cancel her DJ shift with me at the last minute due to illness, so that was totally understandable. Unfortunately I had a friend on their way to hang out with me between shifts so I had to find someone to help cover for her!

JB was sick with the Mexican Death Flu.
Josh de La Scala was unreachable.
I didn't have Arturo or Sweet Lou's numbers.
Rudy was on a date.
Lizz was on a date.
EVERYBODY was on a friggin' date!

Luckily Keep said he'd help out even though he wouldn't make it to Liar's until midnight and I said that was fine. As it turned out almost NO ONE came out to Liar's until midnight.* And then keep showed up and kicked out a fun set. And then Josh de La Scala showed up offering to DJ, but Keep beat him to the punch. I was glad he stopped by because I finally got to meet his Scottish girlfriend. Balthie was there too, and I invited him to go head-to-head with me for an hour next week at The Burlington, so that should be a blast.

Anyway, thanks to Keep and all the other hardy souls who made it out last night! Now I need to go cue up some Toto ...

*I could go off on a rant about this, but I'm saving it up for next week when I start guilting people to see me at Cleo's and the Burlington.

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