Thursday, March 06, 2008

Watchmen photos released! (And a sneaky PR mention.)

Watchmen photos released! (And a sneaky PR mention.)

Fucking A! I worked in a comic book store when the original series came out, and one of my co-workers wrote down who he thought was the "evil matermind" after the second issue, put it in an envelope, and sealed it. When we opened it at series end, it turned out he was right. The same guy went on to write speeches for Ronald Reagan. Go figure.

And also, because I can actually slot this in somewhat seamlessly, at the time I worked at that comic book store, I lived in Annapolis, MD ... the same place Christian Siriano is from.*

*Long time readers should note that this season of Project Runway is the first time since my love affair with the first season of American Idol that I have actually gotten into, and followed faithfully, any sort of reality TV programming. So it's doubly ironic I missed the finale due to last night's last-minute DJ gig. Luckily I had a friend texting me updates throughout the show. My favorite text? "Christian is fierce even when he cries!"

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