Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A change of pants.

A change of pants.

I finally dug out the gift cards my mom gave me for the last two Christmases and went jeans shopping recently. I put it off for a while since I wanted to wait until I had lost a fair amount of weight before replacing my tattered, baggy jeans collection. And, for the first time since I was maybe 11 or 12, I actually bought fitted jeans that, well, fit!

Man what a difference it makes.

I've already gotten a whole bunch more comments from folks surprised at how much weight I lost, and believe me when I say that's a mighty welcome boost for any ego. Naturally, as soon as I found one pair that looked good I had to go back and buy another exactly like it to make sure they last for a while. I've mentioned it before, but I tend to be one of those types who sticks with the clothes he likes until they're falling off. I've gotten better, since now I try to stick with stuff that fits, but still ... most of the women I've dated over the years have thought it's kind of nuts.

Of course, now that I've spent all that gift card money on new clothes, I'm now worried that I'm suddenly gonna gain all the weight back! I know it's a silly worry, but still, this is the sort of stupid crap I occupy myself with so I can avoid my deeper, more troubling worries, so let me have my harmless fixations, m'kay?

Hmm, I'm sounding too much like a little girl, so let's wash out your mind with some Danava. They played in town last night and I really wanted to see them, but just couldn't make it out. Anyone else reading this seen 'em on this tour?

M4A: Danava "Unonou"

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