Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The crap you forgot you had.

The crap you forgot you had.

I totally forgot I had both Louis XIV albums on tankPOD and diPOD until Paul's review reminded me. I have since deleted both to free up disc space. I too enjoyed the band for about three months ... in 1995. And haven't played the group since.

Man, that reminds me, I probably should just set aside an afternoon some weekend to sift through the 'PODs and delete the flotsam and jetsam that has surely built up as I've transferred collections from smaller versions to their current houses. Also, just how much music has gone on them so I could listen to it for review, never bothering to erase it afterwards because I "had all that space left?" I say this as I edge a tad too close to the 80GB threshold* daily, and just can't afford to spring for new models just to double my storage space.

In other news, band practice was pretty great last night, even though we missed Tom's keyboards. One of Keep's oldest songs is becoming a new favorite -- again -- with this kick-ass intro guitar melody. Everything is just souding heavier lately. I'm not sure if it's confidence, increased dynamics, or what, but we're sounding pretty kick-ass.

*Well, roughly. In fact the true storage space is closer to 74.3GB.

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