Friday, April 04, 2008

Reagle Beagle.

Reagle Beagle.

We had the Chicagoist happy hour / writer's meet-up last night at this joint downtown called the reagle beagle. I love Three's Company. And I love Betty the Beagle. But this is not a joint I would usually frequent. However, my usual crankery aside, it wasn't bad for a theme bar (although I sort of did feel bad for the outfits they made the waitresses wear) and we had a good time. High lowlight of the evening: the Miller trivia quiz in which I correctly answered a question from one of the roaming Miller Girls (yes, they had Miller Girls roaming) about how many calories were in a Miller Lite,* but declined the prize of a free Miller lite (you're welcome, Amy).

It was a pleasure meeting all the new writers and having a chance to tell them -- well, mostly through Margaret -- that they were doing an awesome job. We have one of the strongest writing staffs we've ever had, and they are all truly kicking ass, which makes my job a heckuva lot easier. I called it a night relatively early though, since the -ist tab stuffed me full of Maker's Mark and Guinness, meaning I actually missed a Bomb Squad Thursday at Liar's Club. Yipes!


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