Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rock and/or Roll Girls.

Rock and/or Roll Girls.

I realized that I've never dated a girl in a band. Heck, until this recent spate of dating I went through I don't think I'd ever even kissed a girl in a band! There was one gal I seriously considered dating a few years ago, but then Photogal moved back from New York and it never went anywhere. I think it was for the best since the next guy that girl met is the one she's still dating today, and I probably would have driven her nuts.

I think the main reason I never dated girls in bands is because it seemed a bit too close to mixing business with pleasure. Sure, some of my closest friends are in bands, but if I don't get them a primo show it's not going to bleed into any sort of romantic or deeper emotional issues. Also, when you're booking a band, it just feels inappropriate to hit on one of the folks in the band. In one way you're sort of working for each other -- they need you to get them the show and you need them to bring folks in willing to pay for the show -- so it always felt like I would be crossing some moral boundary if I made a pass at them. And let's not even get into the implications of trying to objectively rate someone's music if you're sleeping with them!

That's not to say any of the above would preclude me from dating a woman who rocks, it's just me trying to unpack why I didn't in the past. Who knew guys like me were so ethical, huh?

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