Friday, October 10, 2008

Keeping up with our wild economy.

Keeping up with our wild economy.

I'm sure you've all downloaded last week's This American Life (#365: Another Frightening Show About Money), where they simply and succinctly explain just what the current financial crisis is and how we got into this mess, right?

Well, once you've listened to and digested that, I highly recommend subscribing to the Planet Money podcast since they've doing an excellent job at deciphering day-to-day developments. My favorite lately is their discovery that the government has the power to buy a bank's bonds due to some really smart language included in the bail-out bill.

BONUS: If you still don't understand the subprime mortgage dealie, this episode explains that nicely as well. These are scary times, but they're a lot less scary if you get informed and get a grasp on what's actually happening.

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