Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween house party!

Halloween house party!

Our Halloween party was an unqualified success. Things really picked up after about 1:30 and didn't stop until, um, well after I crapped out around 4:30 or so. My co-DJs Dungeon Dragon and Amber Waves rocked the mixer and kept the kids dancing and drinking, and I think I kicked in a couple choice tunes as well. Super huge thanks to our host, josh, for graciously supplying the space. And a huge thanks to everyone who showed up! It turns out word got out and we were definitely one of THE parties to be at that night. The whole experience reminded me how much I've missed DJing actual parties since they tend to attract such a fun loving anything-goes kinda crowd.

A few photos from the evening...

If you look closely you may recognize a certain DJ in this one.

GalPal was a schoolgirl zombie. I thought her make-up was AMAZING.

I really like these cars. This couple killed me.

Especially when they almost ran over the host! Yikes!

Jesus not only loves you, he's interested in texting you.

JB outdid herself this year. I'm not even going to tell you what she was.

I love how I'm taking a break in this photo but Amber Waves and Josh are beyond pumped in the background.

Our friend was Jem. An incredibly convincing Jem.

DJ Dungeon Dragon ... keepin' it real with a fake belly.

"Hey, like my package?"

More photos of the night here. All photos above by Max Redstone.

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