Thursday, November 13, 2008

Riding the karma train ... to a party!

Riding the karma train ... to a party!

The candy in the vending machine on my floor tends to get stuck and doesn't quiiiite get pushed far enough 7 times out of 10.* This of course necessitates putting in another sixty-five cents to buy ANOTHER candy bar and push the first one out along with it. And no, shaking the machine doesn't help. That thing is the HEAVIEST vending machine I have ever come across.

Well, it happened again yesterday, only this time I decided to just leave the candy bar perched on the ledge and leave it as a gift for the next person. Hell, I shouldn't really be eating candy anyway, and hopefully I brightened some else's day.

In other news, I am DJing with Lisa and JB at Liar's Club tonight. We're scaling Bomb Squad appearances back to twice a month in order to get more folks and allow us to really throw a kick-ass party. We've taken the last few weeks off so I think tonight is the night YOU should make an appearance!

*Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if the dude who stocks the machine is trained to put it in a certain way so that it gets stuck on the way out.

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