Friday, November 14, 2008

Well I hope THAT series is over!

Well I hope THAT series is over!

Does anyone else out there have dream series with continuity? I have a few, and none of them are pleasant. Some are about serial killers, another is about a bunch of townspeople intent on my demise ... and all of them are in bright, clear Technicolor.

Wednesday night I zonked out super early, giving my brain plenty of time to torture me. A few months ago I had a dream where I accidentally killed a friend from high school -- don't worry, Mike is still very much alive in real life -- and covered it up by disposing of the body. Well, Wednesday picked up where that dream left off, and included a snooping detective with a nose for the truth. I was put on trial and it was a statement the detective got from my mom that finally did me in and tied me to the death. As i woke up I was on a bus headed to the prison.

I am SO hoping that's the end of that series and it doesn't pick up again!

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