Friday, December 05, 2008

Hey! You! Yeah, you!

Hey! You! Yeah, you!

Between tomorrow and December 18 I am DJing quite a bit around town at a variety of places. This mean you have no excuse for not dropping by at least ONE of those nights, right? In fact you probably should come to all of them since there'll be different styles of music at each, but i understand it's a busy holiday season so I'll let you partially off the hook.

Anyway, the tour starts tomorrow at The Burlington where I will be DJing with my ol' Ten56 partner Rudy Tuesday! Yippee! Wahoo! We start at 10 p.m., so get there early to get a seat ... that place can get pretty crowded on the weekend.

Other dates to hold on your calendar are in the right sidebar there, so take note! (and of course I'll be sure to remind you as each gig approaches...)

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