Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Backing it up...

Backing it up...

My DVD burner seem irreparably harmed by whatever driver it missing of software conflict is confusing it, so I'm looking into online back-up options. I considered an external hard drive, but if I can find good online back-up that option seems safer. Mozy is out though, since once my files are backed up, I want to be able to delete them from my laptop drive without deleting the back-up as well. One of the reasons I want to back my stuff up is to free space on my hard drive! I'd also like to be able to access and download backed-up files remotely from other computers.

Does such a service exist? And if so, is it established enough that if I pay for it I can trust my files to still be there a few years from now?

Hmmm? Hm?

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