Friday, January 30, 2009

DJ kudos and the greatest show EVER (well, this weekend, at least).

DJ kudos and the greatest show EVER (well, this weekend, at least).

I just saw this on the Laser and Fast and Shit blog:
Jim is a all-around great dude. Please check out some of his DJ Nights I guarantee he will play a song an u will ask "who is this " and then you will have a new favorite band.
I love those guys. Which reminds me ... they are playing tomorrow at Hideout with my current absolute favorite band right now, THE FRIENDLY FOES!


Afterwards I am NOT DJing -- though I really should be considering this line-up -- but the excellent Life During Wartime DJs Chess and Chris will keep the party going late into the night (early into the morning?).

If you miss this show I will still be your friend, but I will remind you of the awesomeness you missed out on every single day for the rest of your life. (O.K., not really, but you will be sad when you hear everyone else talking about the fabbo time that was had by all and the unicorns that were in attendance.)

Here is a poster you can blow up, print out, and put on your wall so you don't forget.

And here are some Friendly Foes tracks to get you in the mood...

MP3: Friendly Foes "My Body (Is A Strange Place To Live)"
MP3: Friendly Foes "Get Yr Shit Together"
DOWNLOAD: Friendly Foes "Couch Surfing"

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