Thursday, January 29, 2009

Germany's Avril Lavigne?

Germany's Avril Lavigne?

I stumbled across the new album by Germany's Aloha From Hell -- what a terribly awesome name, huh? -- and decided to give it a spin. Much to my surprise its contents consisted of a bunch of over the top arena pop-rockers charmingly sung by frontwoman Vivi. The sound is right up that Avril / Clarkson big guitar, bigger chorus alley, which means I'm more than happy to drive my car into a dark corner, throw on the blinkers, and settle in to submerge myself in the easily digestible hooks. (In fact, there's a touch of Josie and the Pussycats in there too, and we all know how much I frickin' love that album.

Anyway, here's a taste. Unfortunately I don't know if this album is ever set to drop in the U.S., but I sure hope it does so I snag myself a copy and file it on my shelf under "unabashedly guilty pleasures."

MP3: Aloha From Hell "No More Days To Waste"
MP3: Aloha From Hell "Can You Hear Me Boys"

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