Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let the music play...

Let the music play...

You might have noticed less DJ Tankboy action than usual lately, and that is intentional. I'm trying to stick to just a few gigs a month so they're more fun. Your two chances to see me in January are this Thursday and Friday, and I've teamed up with different DJs at each event.

Tonight finds me DJing at Liar's Club with Chicagoist Editor-in-Chief Marcus Gilmer making his debut as DJ Pocket Taco! My bandmate Keep might roll in later in the evening to offer some musical assistance as well, if he can ever escape the clutches of his day job.

Friday I'll be laying down the groove at Old Oak Tap (featuring awesome food created by former Mas chef John Manion!) sharing the spotlight with the Hos Before Bros DJs (Chicagoist's Lizz Kannenberg, Pitchfork's Amy Phillips, and if she gets there in time, Marah from Touch and Go).

Yes, I know I am SO lucky to be DJing on the two days predicted to be the coldest of this hellacious winter thus far, but should you REALLY let that stop you from having a good time?

I think not.

Photo by barrettbw

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