Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Bowl ... denied!

Super Bowl ... denied!

GalPal and I just realized we have no Super Bowl plans! People! Just because I don't watch any sports doesn't mean I like to miss out on a Super Bowl party! Chips! Snacks! Beer! The commercials!

Why would anyone think I want to miss out on all of that!

Yes, perhaps I wrote a satirical article in high school about football that prompted pre-class speeches by numerous teachers declaiming me as an evil little mind set out to corrupt their glorious sport. And perhaps it got to the point that the high school football coach had to tell his players -- after the captain pulled a knife on me in the lunch room -- that if any harm came to me they would be off the team. And I suppose feelings remained raw for a while after that since that same captain slammed my head into a wall at a party years later. But seriously, that's behind me ... I promise if I'm at your party I wouldn't saw too much to mock the sport!

Oh well, I guess we'll just have to grab a few bottles of wine and settle for watching this year's Puppy Bowl instead.

UPDATE: Karl's recent Chicagoist post offers a tempting vision of football ... but I still think I'd prefer watching puppies at play.

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