Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who the hell is Tera Melos?

Who the hell is Tera Melos?

I have no idea who Tera Melos is, but they;'re certainly piqued my interest with this EP of covers they're giving away (your choice of MP3 or WAV format ... sweet!). Sure they cover predictable bands like The Beach Boys and The Clash, but they also tackle solo Rivers Cuomo, The The Pixies, and Pete and Pete house band Polaris (in whose song they inject just a fleeting glimpse of "God Only Knows")!

The best part? the whole 5-song EP clocks in at under 9 minutes so even if you don't dig a single musical re-imagining -- and you will dig at least or more than one -- it's not like you wasted half your life listening to the thing.


DOWNLOAD: Tera Melos - Idioms Vol I

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