Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two more things for a Tuesday. (Maybe three.)

Two more things for a Tuesday. (Maybe three.)

First, Paste is offering a free download of the new Damnwells disc. They ain't a Chicago band but they might as well be since their management came from here and I know the singer married a mighty fine gal from Chicago. Any way, I haven't heard it yet, but they've always put out good music, so I'm sure it's worth the price (FREE!) of admission.

DOWNLOAD: The Damnwells - One Last Century

Second, Sloan has released their latest video and it is a sumptuous extravaganza that proves a band on an indie label with virtually no budget can make a video whose beauty rivals even the million dollar babies spewed out my the hip-hop world.

Thirdly, there is a possible man-date in the works with Keep. We can begin to plot our world domination ... or at least figure out where we're gonna start practicing so we can bring the band off its hiatus. Whoo!

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