Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One of the benefits of living with me.

One of the benefits of living with me.

Sometimes I get messages like this:
@shellster129:I feel like I just moved into a record store. AND ITS AWESOME
In that record store (a.k.a. the extra bedroom) one would find CDs by such bands as The French Kicks and Ultra Sonic Edukators (U.S.E.), two bands playing at Schubas tonight. The last time I saw The French Kicks was at Southpaw in Brooklyn (is that joint even still around?) and I remember thinking they weren't as good since Nick Stumpf stopped simultaneously singing and playing drums and decided to just be the frontman. It's been a while though so maybe I'll enjoy them. Openers U.S.E. are always a great time, a sort of cross between the numbers of The Happy Mondays and the harder edged Britpop of mid-period Blur, so I'm definitively looking forward to them.

FUN FACT: The show is part of the Amplify New Music Series, which is pretty funny since the French Kicks have been playing out for about a decade, and U.S.E. ain't exactly new to the scene.

French Kicks photo by Oliver J. Lopena:

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