Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Scoop out my brains, replace with circuitry.

Scoop out my brains, replace with circuitry.

Still swamped between the 9-to-5 and the Chicagoist auditions. The positives of both? With the 9-to-5 I'm swamped doing exciting fun stuff, so I have zero complaints about that. And the Chicagoist auditioners that are posting frequently are thus far terrific and will make it a lot easier for me to center on my own writing for the site once I bring 'em on board.

The downside? Well, there's obviously not much going on here. I mean, there is -- one reason I've forced myself to contribute to this site every weekday no matter what is too keep the mental wheels from skidding to far into one discipline over another -- but ... well, I think you know what I mean. It's been a crazy and draining month, but I feel like I'm starting to return to an even keel. So stick with me, I guarantee interesting and engaging times ahead!

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