Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who watches the Watchmen? We watched the Watchmen!

Who watches the Watchmen? We watched Watchmen!

So all principle critical voices -- that is to say me and Marcus -- have finally seen Watchmen, so we did a dual review of the movie. I'm glad we waited and didn't just run one or the other's thoughts since I think the conversational review does a better job of a) reasonably addressing the movie from a variety of angles, b) stands out and above the sea of reviews that hew to the singular "love it" or "hate it" model without really offering much unique insight, and c) we each make good points and respect the other's point of view.*

Check out the full review / discussion and weight in with your own thoughts!

*O.K., I did text "you are high"as I exited the theater Sunday to Marcus in re: his text of "Watchmen FAIL" from last Tuesday's screening. But that was a knee-jerk reaction on both our parts.

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