Friday, April 24, 2009



Busiest. Week. Plus. Of. The. Year.

It kicked off Wednesday with the Ultra Sonic Edukators / French Kicks show* at Schubas. Last night saw us hitting the LaSalle Power Company opening party before heading to Metro to catch, and shoot pictures of, Peter, Bjorn And John and Chairlift. Tonight I'm catching Cage The Elephant at SubT before bouncing over to Darkroom to see the always awesome Lasers And Fast And Shit.** Saturday The Riverboat Gamblers, one of my favorite bands to see live no matter what that jerk-face lead singer of Farewell Captain has to say about them,*** comes to Bottom Lounge. I am also hoping to hang out with an old friend I haven't seen in ages that night so I expect the festivities to stretch in to the wee hours of the morning.

Take a deep breath. Sunday is a day of rest. Monday looks light too.

Then we REALLY ramp things up with the Flight Of The Conchords show Tuesday, The Thermals at Bottom Lounge Wednesday, Facebook Olympics AND Chicagoist writers' Happy Hour Thursday, I DJ Friday, and we have three shows and a party all day and night next Saturday.

Why oh why did they have to outlaw Sparks?!

*U.S.E. has dropped the mid-era Blur sound in favor of self-titled / 13-era Blur. And French Kicks were just plain boring.

**Whose t-shirt I was wearing at Schubas Wednesday night to the apparent delight of the waitress working that evening. She is apparently a fan. Apparently.

***He says The RBs depend too much on Iggy Pop antics and I say I don't care when I'm that engaged in the live show.

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