Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So long, trusty steed.

So long, trusty steed.

I sold my car last night. It was sad, since I really loved that little Jetta, but the fiscal reality of keeping her was just too daunting. Between $1,000+ in parking tickets due to expired registration, and the money it would take to get the car to pass an emissions test, it was just no longer feasible to keep the car. I was going to donate it, but Photogal offered to try and sell it for me ... and within hours of listing it online we had a buyer. So now I have a little extra money so I FINALLY start a savings account and start building up a safety cushion, and Photogal made a rather nice commission for her effort (and for so kindly storing my car off the street over the last few months ... I really appreciated that!).

So I am officially without a car. It's not like I've driven her in months, but it's still a slightly hollowed out feeling. And it was pretty depressing to hurriedly clear everything out off her last night in the pouring rain. It was like some break-up scene from a late-'80s romantic dramedy, complete with water streaming off my scalp into the trunk for maximum dramatic effect.

At the same time it's liberating. We sold the car to someone who is going to give it as a gift to someone and he got it at a good enough price that even if he wanted to make every necessary repair to the car it'd still be a deal for him. So I think everyone came out of the deal ahead.

So, if you see a black VW Jetta driving around Chicago or Indiana with a circular Blur decal in the rear window ... well, it's not me driving her around anymore. But be nice to her new owner!

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