Friday, May 15, 2009

Party people, this is your weekend.

Party people, this is your weekend.

Sharp eyes scanning online listing may have noticed that there's a little "Tankboy presents" show at Subterranean tonight! And that I'm a co-sponsor of a show at The Empty Bottle tomorrow! Yes, it's been a while since I presented a show, so I'm making up for it by doubling up with two in a single weekend.

I can't take credit for the great bills though. Rudy asked me to book something for The Midnight Shows and then he lined up the other two fantastic bands playing with them tonight including my old pals The Bon Mots and Neutral Milk Hotel cover supergroup The Jeff Magnum Appreciation Society.

As for tomorrow's show, Chicagoist colleague and founder of the excellent MP3 danceblog CreamTeam Veronica was having trouble finding a home to throw a party to celebrate her blog's first anniversary. So I offered to help out once I saw how terrific her bill was and secured her a night at The Empty Bottle. Performing Saturday evening are Vega, Hey Champ, Cousin Cole, Moon Goons, and general insanity. Don't miss it. And hey, look at the nifty little poster Veronica worked up for the party. She totally nails Jon from Hey Champ...

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