Thursday, June 25, 2009

Revving up for the weekend.

Revving up for the weekend.

My staycation begins after work tomorrow and boy do I have a crowded plate of social events. I've actually had to pull out of shooting two shows (Lupe Fiasco and Sonic Youth) because I just have TOO MUCH GOING ON.

You can't go everywhere I go the next few days, but if you're looking for some suggestions of where you can see me without feeling like a stalker (in other words PLEASE attend these events!) peep the words below.

Thursday: Chicagoist writer's happy hour at Happy Village (you can stalk us, we won't bite) and then Brad Peterson at Double Door.
Friday: The Midnight Shows at Darkroom
Saturday: DJs Tankboy and Rudy Tuesday at Continental!
Sunday: Gay Pride Parade y'all!
Monday: Rehab
Wednesday: A day of rest, lawd.

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