Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer sleep schedule.

Summer sleep schedule.

I sleep way less in the summer.

Part of that is due to the fact that hey, we're in Chicago, and we need to take advantage of this slim window of welcoming weather while we can! Part of it is the ramped up social activities. Part of it is just a rejuvenation brought upon by more exposure to the sun. Part of it is just that summer melts away your age to bring back out the young and adventurous and throw-your-arms-open-and-smile spirit in everyone.

It also means I grow more prolific than usual, which is no mean feat. I think my brain actually fires off more quickly in the summer. One would think that hours stuck indoors would spike creativity but in my case it's the wide range of options possibilities the summer lays at my feet that stoke my synapses in the most interesting ways.

It's almost like my brain runs off chlorophyllic mechanisms and solar power causes it to really thrive.

How about you, does summer get the same response out of you? And if you live in a continually sunny / warm / habitable clime do you just level out all year long or is their a particular time you feel at your strongest too?

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