Friday, July 10, 2009

Can't Stop Won't Stop.

Can't Stop Won't Stop.

Hey, guess what? It's another jam packed weekend! The problem with my life is that there is ZERO down time. I work hard and play hard, sans break. In fact GalPal and I have discussed just cutting out to some far off Mexican locale with no internet, no nothing for a few days in the fall just so we can catch a breath.

Until then, we must soldier on!

This weekend's can't-miss show is the Mannequin Men release party at Metro tonight. I lurve their new disc and you should lurve it too. Tomorrow I'll be day0drinking with my brothers and their friends to help my youngest sibling sling one last huge hangover over his shoulder before he commits the greatest sin of tying himself down to one woman for the rest of his life. (O.K., it's not a sin, but as the only un-hitched sson of my mother I feel I need to make such grandiose proclamations.) And Sunday will be spent within the friendly confines eating hot dogs, drinking lousy overpriced beer and catching up on my Junot Diaz reading.

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