Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am barely civilized.

I am barely civilized.

So yesterday I went and got a very nice haircut -- one even my mother will love -- in preparation for my brother's wedding this weekend. I'm standing up and wanted to make sure his fiancee, and my soon-to-be sister-in-law, wouldn't be embarrassed by my mane and be forced to Photoshop me out of all the photos. Weddings cost enough as it is and digital removal just adds to that cost, doesn't it? I'm fitted for my tux. I'm ready for the weekend. And then I read the itinerary and realize that the dress rehearsal is supposed to be business casual.

I no longer really own any business casual clothes! The company I work at ask that we dress nicely, but allows jeans to enter that equation, and my previous job was a jeans and T-shirt kind of place. While I donated most of my slacks and khakis when I moved out of Photogal's place, I do have one pair of dress slacks but they don't really fit anymore* and I keep meaning to buy a pair that do. I know, what kind of grownn man doesn't even own one pair of nice pants that fits, huh? I guess it's one of those things I keep putting off and just never get around to. The way my mind works is: If I'm going to spend $50-$75 on a new pair of pants, why not buy a nice pair of jeans I'll get lots of use from? Juvenile, I know.

Anyway, long story short, my brother and his long-suffering mate took pity on me and are allowing me to wear jeans to the rehearsal as long as I'm willing to accept a bit of good natured teasing for doing so. (This may seem like a minor price, but my family and our friends are gifted with razor tongues, so "good natured teasing" to us is the sort of thing that sends lesser folks to psychiatric wards.)

*I call these my emergency pants, and are something I would suffer through wearing if I was ever called to a client meeting. The truth is I've put on a few pounds** and they are neither really flattering or comfortable right now.
**Primarily from working out, honest. Though the waist is a little tight right now.

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