Friday, August 14, 2009

A thought about "Lollapalooza promoters still searching for Chicago identity."

A thought about "Lollapalooza promoters still searching for Chicago identity."

I'm tired of hearing people wonder why the Lollapalooza folks don't book more Chicago bands. They book plenty! Would Joe Pug have played Lolla if he wasn't from Chicago? No. Moneypenny? Hey Champ? (Well, maybe them.) Tom Schraeder? Ezra Furman? Bald Eagle? Any of them? No, no, and no.

Did Kanye headline? Did Wilco headline? Do we see the city's skyline or shoreline from every direction? Does Lolla bring loads of money into the city coffers and entertain thousands of residents each year? Yes, yes, and yes.

And that radius clause? Yeah, it sort of suck, but only on the headliner level. Any look at this week's music listing show a huge wave of bands that played Lolla flowing through Chicago over the next few months. Hell, at this point I'm beginning to feel I need a break from some of 'em. (Peter Bjorn & John, "five feet back!")

So everyone, stop griping about how Lollapalooza doesn't give enough props to the Chicago music scene. I'm tired of what seems like the majority of other music critics looking for the negative in what is a pretty positive development in the city's music scene.

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