Friday, September 18, 2009

Stop yr whining.

Stop yr whining.

So last night I'm outside the Little Boots show at The Empty Bottle and this girl next to me is just livid. She was hoping to interview Little Boots after the show but apparently the interview fell through, and the tour manager was kind of a dick about it. And, according to this chick, while the show was great, and the music was great, and Little Boots was great, the review this girl was going to write was just going to eviscerate Little Boots and point her out as the phony she was! Plus, Little Boots didn't even sell her own merch at the merch table! Little Boots doesn't care about the local scene!

Now I can understand it's a bummer to have an interview fall through. And I've dealt with my fair share of dick-ish tour managers. And while I do think it's cool to see an artist selling their own merch, I don't expect and electro pop acts that's only touring small clubs to seed her path in the states because she's already pretty huge overseas to tell me which size t-shirt I should buy.

I've spent years accumulating the cred that gets me the access I get, and even then I get turned away a lot. It's just how things work. When you're writing about the arts you need to write about THE ARTS, not your petty feelings of being denied access to this or that personality. I just did an interview with Kevin Smith (part one is up now!) and it took forever to set up because he's a busy guy. And at one point I didn't even think it was going to happen so I was just going to preview his appearance in Chicago tonight. And believe me, the preview was NOT going to say, "This jerk can't even find the time to talk to me, so you shouldn't go see him talk!" It WOULD have been, "Kevin Smith is a funny motherfucker, he's in town tonight, catch this rare chance to see the hilarity in person."

A lot of writers nowadays are spoiled brats, prone to throwing diva-like tantrums. And it's fucking ridiculous. And it makes it harder for people like me to do my job, because the various channels of promoters / managers / artists I used to deal with are now getting clogged with these jerks and their inflated sense of entitlement.

[/hey kids, get off my lawn rant]

By the way, Little Boots was fucking fabulous. If you have a chance to see her now, DO SO. She's not gonna be playing tiny room next time around, I guarantee it.

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